Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Better Late Than Never

I had the idea to make a salt dough map of England. We eventually id…. AFTER the component was over…. but at least it was done!






Lo Stivale will be created the first week of the component and then we can add to our map the entire unit!

This counts as a day of school… right?


Does everyone see that Isaac and Bekah are in a Knight? Since we are studying Knights this year, I believe a trip to Sea World counts as a day of school… right? =)


How about this? Actually, I know this counts. Life skills =) How great that my 8, almost 9, year old begged to be allowed to sew the family pajama pants for Christmas!


Another no brainer! I decided this year that it was time to learn to make tamales! Well, a little help from Vallarta’s pre-made masa and voila! we have sweet tamales =) The chicken ones were more fun since we made homemade sauce!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Medieval Festival~This is why we home school!

More than a month ago, someone suggested we have a Medieval Christmas Festival. It sounded pretty fun, for about 5 seconds. Next thing we know, it was going to be a lot of work! Weekday (no dads), food, entertainment, activities, decorations, etc. for 60 people. then, they dropped the bomb, Christmas ornament exchange! AAAHHHHHH! I didn’t think I could do this! So, fortunately, someone suggested pairing up! Most inspired person ever. Now my food/activity both was not just mine, but a joint family effort. Still, the ornaments  which we could choose to opt out. But if we were going, and everyone else could do it, so could we =) Now, our ornaments were not nearly as FANTASTIC as all the others, but as a whole, ours wasn’t too cheese!

So the day! First the children were given bag with money for their intended purchases.


Next, they learned about going wassailing and went wassailing!

DSC02255 DSC02255

Next, they took part in pulling the Yule log!


Then they went around buying food like roasted apples with cinnamon and sugar, gingerbread, potato cakes, bread pudding, pasties, and drinking wassail! Towards the end of the day, the older group did a mummers play on St. George and the Dragon. They were great! Too bad most of them will be done with school within the next couple of years.


Then, the younger children did a play about three shepherds hearing about he birth of Christ and then visiting the manger!



This turned out o be one of the very best days ever! I wish I had a picture of the ornament tree with all the ornaments. I am sure it is on the computer somewhere =) We had such a  great time. AND we are all already planning next years!