Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Closing Day

While I still have pictures to post of our school year, here are some great pictures from our last day.

closing day10

closing day 11

DSC04623closing day19

Warren had to work, but he showed up just in time to see the children knighted and then help clean up =)



Thursday, May 10, 2012

Must Brag

Well, I guess it is not a must, but I really want to. There is so much to share, but today I want to brag about Isaac. Last month Isaac took a computer test for the charter school. He did reading first and scored a 9.9+ meaning, higher than a 9th grade 9th month level. then he scored a 5th or 6th grade math level (I don’t remember the month). He got stuck on the question ‘6ab + a + b =’ where ‘x=2 and y=3’. so, of course he asked how to do that when he got home and I verbally taught him in about 2 minutes and we haven't talked about it since! Unfortunately, Isaac took the test 3 days before the window for taking the test, so he had to test again today. So of course I expected him to do slightly better in math since I had told him how to do the hard question. So, Isaac wanted to do Math first this time… 45 minutes later he finished! He asked to do the reading tomorrow, but unfortunately that wasn’t an option. He finished reading 20 minutes later. Of course I knew his reading score couldn’t have been as high since he finished so quickly. Well, I was right on both subjects, sort of. Isaac scored a 6.5 in reading (middle of 6th grade reading level) and a 9.2 or something in math. I guess the quick lesson from a month ago stuck! Since we shouldn’t ever be proud, I will say that I am well please with Isaac’s test taking skills and all of his hard work!