Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lo Stivale

We have started our next component on …….


I sloe the idea of painting the different regions of Italy during the middle ages from on of the moms in my group. I would give you the link but her boot is so much better than ours =) You can find her blog on my links so if you really want to see a great boot, click on them and see what you find =) We have learned about St. Francis of Assisi, Italy, and Pilgrimages. The children are working on their 3 tries at writing a pilgrimage of their own.


Some days creative writing is a struggle and other days non-fictional writing is a struggle. Isaac, in particular, does not like writing his thoughts down. But since I have no problem being a Tiger Mom, I win most of the time =)

We have also gone on a completely FABULOUS field trip! We went to St. Andrew’s Abbey in Valyermo. That was so neat! Brother Bede was very friendly and very smart.


The Children learned Calligraphy (check), Monks during the middle ages, specifically about the Benedictine Order (monks who like in a monastery) versus Franciscans (monks who wander or Friars) (check), Gregorian Chants (check), attended a catholic Mass (with chanting in Latin) (check), learned about work for monks, including ceramics (check), well the list goes on. the children had a great time! If I ever run away from  home, you might find me there next to their pond with the birds and turtles or wandering the wilderness with the two dogs.