Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pocahontas and Massasoit

Our first topic in our first component teaches about the Lost colony of Roanoke and Jamestown.  So, of course, we got to meet Pocahontas!


We enjoyed making long houses…


Turning cartwheels….


and eating strange foods =) I looked up the wrong Indian Tribe, so our foods were all from the Pilgrim time period and region =) We liked the Boiled Bread!

The second topic is about the Pilgrims, so last weeks food completely fits! We took the food and headed to the great outdoors!


We headed for a waterfall to read about the Pilgrims. The plan was to find a rock and talk about stepping on the rock. Did you know that is a myth?! There is a rock that is set aside as Plymouth Rock, but we did that. Not the pilgrims =( So, I was a little sad because I wanted to study more about rock formations =( Oh well, we can still learn =)


Benjamin decided he wanted to study acorns. Now we need to look up New England acorns =)



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